Arbitration vs. Mediation

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Arbitration vs. Mediation


Over the past 25 years, arbitration, and more recently mediation, has become the most expeditious means of settling securities disputes. Throughout the country, arbitration is mandatory, while mediation is voluntary. Mediation is turning skeptics into believers.

What does that mean for you as an investor? It means when you have a complaint against a broker or brokerage firm, it’s in your best interest to secure the services of an attorney who is well-versed in securities arbitration and mediation and has a long track record of success in handling securities disputes.

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Differences between Arbitration and Mediation

Though somewhat similar, arbitration and mediation have several key differences.



Brokers and firms can be forced to go to arbitration Brokers and firms cannot be forced to go to mediation; it must be entered into voluntarily
A panel of arbitrators listens to the arguments of each party, but does not help negotiate a settlement Mediation involves negotiation; the mediator works with both parties in an attempt to find an amicable solution
The arbitrators will make the final decision regarding who wins and who loses based on the evidence presented by each side Both parties control the risk of an adverse arbitration decision by agreeing to a solution
Arbitration decisions are a matter of public record Mediation agreements are confidential

Arbitration decisions and mediation agreements are considered final and legally binding. For that reason, it is paramount that you go into battle with a lawyer who knows securities law and securities arbitration inside-and-out.

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