Investment Wrongdoing

United States Securities Arbitration Lawyers

It’s a common story. Your broker pushed you toward certain stocks, bonds, or funds, telling you they are “can’t miss” deals. Three months later, those “can’t miss” prospects hits the skids and you’re out $100,000 or more. Did your broker misrepresent the risk involved, demonstrate a breach of trust, and in the process break the law? Or, did your investment just go south?

This type of dispute requires the skill of an experienced United States securities arbitration lawyer who can uncover negligence, reckless and intentional wrongdoing and hold brokers accountable. Likewise, if you are a broker and one of your clients comes at you with allegations of wrongdoing, where can you turn for help?

You can turn to the experienced United States securities arbitration attorneys at the New York law firm of Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins LLP.

Our firm provides world-class legal services in regard to Securities Arbitration and Mediation and Negligent, Reckless and Intentional Investment Wrongdoing, including:

As an investor, when the trust established between you and your broker is broken, the damage can be more than just financial. A bad experience due to negligence or unethical behavior by your broker can whittle your risk tolerance down to zero, leaving you gun-shy as an investor and distrustful of financial advisors and brokers.

On the other side, allegations of wrongdoing against you as a broker can have long-term effects as well, including losing clients, losing your job, and facing sanctions from the regulators.

In either case, our firm can provide highly knowledgeable, highly experienced advice and representation aimed at resolving your securities dispute in the best manner possible.

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