Variable Annuities

Variable Annuities:
The Undisclosed Potential to Lose — Big

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Variable annuities are touted as a safe way for seniors to invest the money they’ve saved for their retirement and their descendants. Some brokers assure investors that this kind of investment cannot lose money. What makes them “variable” is the composition of their portfolio, which could swing with the stock market’s direction.

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A variable annuity is an insurance contract that guarantees you won’t suffer any loss even if your investments decrease in value, as long as you die and haven’t withdrawn funds during your life time.

How to Find a Lawyer You Can Trust

If your life savings have been stripped away through unsuitable variable annuities, can you afford not to take legal action?

To an extent, you won’t know how you will do until the case has settled or been decided. But you can do research and make a well-grounded, well-informed decision about who will represent you. Learn as much as you can about any lawyer before you choose to hire that attorney.

About Attorney David E. Robbins

David E. Robbins has practiced in securities law and broker misconduct for over 35 years. He writes the Securities Arbitration Procedure Manual — the authoritative textbook used nationwide in law schools, law firms and brokerage firms. He has written a prolific number of articles and is frequently sought after by national news media for commentary on emerging topics.

Mr. Robbins has been retained by customer and defense attorneys to mediate variable annuities cases involving people who had invested — and lost — their 401(k) retirement plans in such investments. He is extremely experienced in this highly specialized area of law, and he is viewed nationwide as a leading legal authority.

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