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Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins LLP accepts referrals of clients from attorneys and law firms for issues involving securities law and financial regulations. We can help you avoid conflicts of interest and are capable of handling the most complex disputes.

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Securities arbitration and mediation is a highly specialized area of law. If a client comes to you with a substantial securities case, it may be in his or her best interest to refer it to a specialist. This is especially true for lawyers who don’t specialize in securities disputes.

Our lead securities lawyer, David E. Robbins, is the author of Securities Arbitration Procedure Manual , the authoritative two-volume textbook used across the nation in law firms, law school classrooms and brokerage firms.

He has written over 40 articles and New York State stature Commentaries on securities disputes and is frequently sought by national news media to give commentary on emerging legal issues. He is known and respected throughout the country for his knowledge, fair-mindedness and abilities.

As part of our securities arbitration and mediation practice, we handle a variety of cases involving alleged broker misconduct. This includes:

Adversarial securities law.

Vacating arbitration decisions.

FINRA arbitration, mediation and regulatory cases.

• Broker expungement and registration problems.


• Broker fraud

• Investment scams

To see a more complete list of our practice areas, click here. To schedule an appointment to discuss referrals with Mr. Robbins, call 212-705-0815 or contact our firm online.