Broker Negligence

Broker Negligence: When Ignorance Costs the Most

Breach of Fiduciary Duty ◊ Broker Misconduct ◊ Failure to Disclose Risk

A broker is a trained professional and clients put their investments, their life savings and their futures in the broker’s hands. Usually that trust is well placed. Sometimes it is not. When brokers fail to uphold the standards of their profession – when they are negligent – losses could result. For example, when a broker passes on to his clients his own ignorance of the investment’s inherent risks, and losses result, there could be a case against that broker and his firm.

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If you believe that broker negligence has caused significant losses to your investment portfolio, legal remedies may be available. If you are a broker falsely accused of negligence, your career is at risk. You should do everything you can to protect yourself from the charges.

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What Constitutes Broker Negligence?

Any number of behaviors can be construed as “negligent.” But most cases involve brokers who fail to tell their clients about risks inherent in their investments. Whether the broker knew about the risk and forget to tell, or whether the broker was ignorant of the risks, this behavior constitutes broker negligence.

Some types of investments are more prone to broker negligence than others. A few current examples include subprime mortgages, variable annuities and auction rate securities.

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