Selecting Arbitrators – Part 3

Recommendations For Arbitrator Selection These recommendations are based on suggestions made by practitioners at the many continuing education programs I have either chaired or been a panelist on and from my own experience in arbitrator selection when representing...

Selecting Arbitrators – Part 1

The best chance your client has to prevail in a FINRA securities arbitration is not necessarily dependent on the merits of the case but on the arbitrators selected by the parties to decide the case. Like the voir dire process of jury selection, there is an art to...

How to Improve FINRA Arbitration

If James Carville, a campaign strategist of Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign, was on the FINRA Dispute Resolution Task Force,[1] it would surprise no one that at the top of his list for improvements would be this: It's the Arbitrators, Stupid![2]   With the...

The securities Arbitration Procedure manual

David E. Robbins wrote the Securities Arbitration Procedure Manual used nationwide by law schools, law firms and brokerage firms.
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